Marketing and marketplace management on Amazon, Zalando and Co. require know-how and resources.
We offer you both. Tailor-made and according to your requirements. Take advantage of
our expertise and technologies to scale your marketplace business.

Advertising & Retail Media

Paid advertising on Amazon is already responsible for around one third of all sales. And the trend is rising. Whether Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display Ads or the Amazon DSP, visibility and sales can be expanded and optimized in many different ways.

Consulting for Amazon Business

Marketplaces like Amazon have established themselves as a sourcing source for many companies: Already 12% of all B2B sales happen online. 70% of DAX 30 corporations buy via Amazon. However, there are special features to consider. Do you also profit from B2B customers?


Every campaign strategy is preceded by extensive analyses. Keyword analyses, sales potential, status quo of your product content, activities of your competitors, seasonalities: We take all of this into account in our marketing plans, budget recommendations and campaign structures. So you can achieve profitable growth.

Prime Video Ads Service

Prime Video Ads

Streaming TV combined with Amazon targeting: your TV adverts in 17 million households. TV reach meets precision. Use Prime TV advertising as a competitive advantage. Or combined with display ads. Attention and response from a single source.

Content Creation

More than half of all product searches on the web start at Amazon. So make sure you have an excellent presence! We use all our experience to make your product pages and your brand presence on Amazon and other marketplaces performant and appealing.


Other countries – other languages. Our customers who sell internationally on marketplaces are always amazed at how quickly offers can be internationalized professionally. We localize your products, brand presence and campaigns at native-speaker level in up to nine languages.

Marketplace Management

With us as your service provider, you have over 15 years of e-commerce and performance marketing experience on board. Expertise that allows you to get many times more out of your business relationship when managing platforms such as Amazon, eBay or Wayfair as a sales and advertising channel.

Marketing Technology buyQ®

Who is still doing PPC advertising manually? No one can manually control targeting, keywords, and campaigns around the clock. Professionals rely on intelligent PPC tools and analysis software.


Marketplaces like Amazon are search engines. For products. Meanwhile, more people start their product search on Amazon than on Google. Accordingly, your product detail pages need to be optimized: Image concepts, product images, titles, bullet points, product descriptions, A+ premium content, backend keywords, as well as numerous technical details, up to sales-promoting product videos.