Marketing Technology

Who else is on Amazon manually? No one. For a multitude of products
and even more PPC campaigns, it's hardly possible to do round-the-clock targeting,
keywords and campaigns manually around the clock and ensure growth.

Many tools adjust bids depending on an ACOS target. This falls short for many reasons. That is why we have developed buyQⓇ.

The advantages of our marketing software buyQⓇ

Our proven solution: buyQ® marketing software with automatic alerts, campaign scheduler, action dashboards, bid management and over 120 available charts included. This saves time, directs your and our attention to the essentials. Also available as a self-service license on request.

Analytics Tool

44 criteria are used to control and optimize PPC campaigns. The success can be read from around 15 different cost and performance values. In order to recognize correlations here and make the right decisions, well-founded analyses are necessary. That’s why we measure campaign success using our in-house buyQ® software. Our own KPIs, such as an organic score, the real ACOS and the performance at certain times and days of the week, help us to make decisions that are reflected in real additional sales.

Campaign management

Automated or manual? We are often asked this question. Our conviction: Only tool-supported optimization can survive in the face of intense competition. Nevertheless, we do not believe in autopilots. To achieve profitable growth, flexibility, seasonal strategies and many A/B tests are superior to rigid ACOS-focused bid optimization. That’s why we rely on expert knowledge and technology.


One of the biggest challenges of reporting is the lack of a link between PPC revenues and total sales data. In addition, the necessary granular structure of campaigns and ad groups makes it difficult to evaluate individual placements and keywords. In 2017, we took these and many other reasons as an opportunity to develop our own reporting solution that significantly simplifies evaluation and control. For better results with less effort.

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