In addition to content and marketing, running Amazon is often grueling.

BuyBox losses, review monitoring and management, unintentionally changed content, out-of-stock items, customer inquiries, annual negotiations, or vendor compensation are just a few of the challenges that require attention and clear concepts.


Ensure efficiency gains: With over 20,000 optimized products and several thousand campaigns, we have generated sales in the tens of millions for our customers to date and know exactly which adjusting screws are available to achieve maximum success. We look at where you are with your presence and where you could be, suggest what will take you further and – most importantly – then enjoy the success together.


E-commerce professionals know: The number 2 is eBay. Over 18 million users per month primarily search for new goods for immediate purchase.

Whether eBay ads, eBay audience targeting (via DSPs), design and creation of best-in-class product listings and ebay stores, rating management, internationalization (including for AT, CH, UK, FR, IT, ES, NL, USA, CA), trust building via eBay Plus, eBay warranty, authorized dealer badges and much more.


Amazon, eBay and Otto together initiate over 70% of all transactions in German e-commerce. In addition to Sponsored Product Ads (SPA), Otto Retail Media offers manufacturers and their agencies over 2,000 targeting segments to increase their sales. On and in the Otto Display Network. Don’t leave this potential to your competition.