Advertising on Amazon

Constantly questioning benchmarks and best practices and driving them forward,
is our passion. Exploiting the potential of advertising on Amazon efficiently and
and generate useful marketing insights in the process, is our profession.

Whether PPC, DSP or retargeting for Amazon products. Intelligent use of retail media is our business. As the first pure-play specialist for advertising on Amazon, we give you a decisive edge.

Demand Side Platform

The Amazon DSP offers two main advantages: First, the use of exclusive shopper data from Amazon customers. And secondly, the enormous reach across hundreds of thousands of websites and apps to reach these customers via advertising targeting. Be it to generate awareness and visibility in your target group or to increase direct sales of your ASINs.

Pay per Click

In many cases, Amazon PPC or Amazon Search Advertising is currently the most profitable way of doing performance marketing. An increasing variety of ad formats and adjusting screws make it possible to precisely target advertising to individual search terms and product pages and thus effectively and permanently support sales growth.

Retail Media

Amazon offers very efficient advertising opportunities. More and more marketplaces and online stores are recognizing the potential and offering manufacturers and brands a wide range of solutions for showcasing products and boosting sales. The retail media market is currently growing strongly for two reasons: customers are reached in the store, and thus at the time of highest willingness to buy. In addition, target groups can be addressed very specifically on the basis of search behavior (keywords), category interests or purchasing behavior. Both of these factors generally lead to high conversion rates and thus good advertising efficiency.