Prime Video Advertising

Reach your target audience with streaming TV

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, Amazon Prime Video Ads opens up new opportunities for advertisers looking to capitalise on the shift from traditional linear TV to streaming TV and CTV platforms. With Amazon Prime Video, the most popular streaming service in the DACH region according to Statista, your advertising messages can reach up to 17 million households. PrimeUp offers you easy-to-implement solutions by identifying and targeting your audiences from over 60,000 targeting options of Amazon users and customers. Your brand in the living rooms of your audiences: Non-skippable, sound-on. In 15, 20 or 30 second spots.

Efficient Budget Management

Amazon Prime Video ads can reach high quality audiences with five-figure budgets. This cost-effectiveness makes it particularly attractive to companies looking for effective advertising solutions beyond the high costs of traditional TV advertising. PrimeUp helps you optimise your budget for maximum results.

Budgetplanung Prime Video Ads

Wide reach

Amazon Prime Video has a massive global presence with over 200 million people regularly accessing a wide range of content. This guarantees advertisers high exposure to an engaged audience. Compared to linear TV, which is struggling with declining reach and wastage, Prime Video offers a growing streaming TV platform that puts your brand front and centre.

Reichweite Prime Video Ads

Precise targeting

An unbeatable advantage of Amazon Prime Video advertising is the precise targeting made possible by Amazon’s extensive data on customer and purchasing behaviour. This allows you to design ad campaigns to reach the exact audience you want – based on demographics, interests and purchase history across more than 2,000 categories. This data-driven approach increases the effectiveness of your advertising and optimises your advertising spend. Precise regional targeting also enables local TV advertising to reach audiences in close proximity to your stores and locations.

Full funnel advertising

By seamlessly combining Prime TV advertising with display ads, you can address your TV target groups again with display ads from the Amazon DSP. This enables clicks and response to your offer and reduces your CPM at the same time. Extending Prime Video campaigns with banner ads activates your target groups where they are: On TV, online and in apps. Awareness and response for your brand – from a single source.

Full Funnel Advertising

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