We will gladly take care of the excellent design of your product pages and your brand presence on Amazon.

Why you should optimize your product pages specifically

Optimizing the image and text content of your products can not only increase findability and click-through rates in search results pages, but more importantly increase the conversion rate on the Product Detail Page (PDP). Both are prerequisites for long-term growth and excellent rankings of your products in search results.

Product title

The most important eye catcher to attract attention in the search results pages. The specifications of the marketplaces for the design of the titles must be known and taken into account. At this point, you can gain a lot – or lose a lot if potentials remain unused.

Bullet Points

Convincing sales arguments, presented in an easy-to-read manner. The prominently displayed bullet points are suitable for this. They highlight features and attributes that distinguish your product and are important to customers. This way, no questions remain unanswered and returns can be avoided. Matching keywords strengthen the findability of the product so that it does not get lost in the mass of offers.

Product description

Product descriptions should contain all the necessary information for the customer’s purchase decision. There is also space for further information about the product, special use cases or features, and additional keywords can be included. Backend keywords (such as misspellings) are not visibly included.

Productimages and videos

The first thing customers perceive are your product images. They convey a detailed visual impression, can dispel uncertainties, and convey sales features. The optimization of product images is often the biggest influencing factor on the performance of a product page and can increase conversion by up to 7%.

On request, we develop mobile-optimized image concepts for you according to the requirements of the respective marketplace and create product videos that you can use in a variety of ways on product pages and as sponsored brand video ads.


The “Brand Story” module offers many possibilities: Whether vision and values of your brand or the added value of your products for the buying public – trust and customer loyalty can be strengthened here. Cross-selling can also be promoted, for example. The design, high-quality images and brand language blend seamlessly with the rest of the product detail page.

A+ Content

A+ Content and comparable modules of other marketplaces have become the standard tool to present content in a high-quality and brand-appropriate way. It offers brand owners extended functions to describe product and brand: High-quality images, tables, backgrounds up to videos in A+ Premium Content are possible and should be used.

We optimize your brand appearance on Amazon

You benefit from our experience from the development and optimization of many thousands of product pages and brand stores in all European “Amazon languages”: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Swedish and Polish. Based on our knowledge from competitor, SEO and content relevance analysis, we develop concepts that are transferable to product groups and applicable to large quantities of products, and create high-quality content.