Marketplace Management

We look at where you are with your presence and where you could be, suggest what will help you move forward and - most importantly - celebrate your success together.

Wayfair Advertising

Wayfair offers sellers a range of tools and services that can increase the sales and visibility of their products on the platform by a factor of 5 to 7. These include advertising campaigns using sponsored products, display ads and co-branded campaigns on TV, catalogue and influencer marketing.

Marketplace optimisation

Wayfair operates a strict quality assurance system to ensure that only high-quality products from trustworthy sellers are offered on the platform. Customers appreciate this and have recently generated over USD 12 billion in sales per year. As a manufacturer, you benefit from this. As a Wayfair agency, we support you in setting up your shop, product listing and retail media advertising and ensure your success on Wayfair.